Tips on How to Build a Digital Identity

For this blog post, I read a series of articles that looked at building one’s digital identity. A common idea/tip among them was how people can protect themselves online and generate a positive digital identity that will not hurt them later on in life. Below are the articles and some key points that I pulled from them.

Professors, Start Your Blogs, Dan Cohen (August 21, 2006)
Blogs are a great place for academic historians to use “plainspoken prose” and a little bit of humor to get one’s attention. By keeping a blog one is able to “enrich” the web while using it as an outlet to one’s own interests. By having a blog that focuses on one’s interests and research it provides others interested access to an academic’s “field notes.” By providing access to these “field notes” academics are allowing their followers to stay informed about the newest and latest information.

Footprints in the Digital Age, William Richardson (Novemeber 2008)
From reading this article I learned that about 80% of young people use the internet to network and interact with people. Of those people, 70% of them are likely to discuss education-related topics. The best part of this article is Richardson provides people with information on how to “Get Started.” These tips include…

  1. Read blogs related to your passion and interests
  2. Participate in other people’s blogs
  3. Use your real name
  4. Start a Facebook page
  5. Explore Twitter

Personal Branding in the Age of Google, Seth Godin
Godin presents readers with the idea that google never forgets and that it serves as a permanent record. While Godin’s post is brief he says that in order to make a good digital record one NEEDS to overload Google with good things about themselves.

Who Owns the Digital You? (Three Parts)
This introductory article into a three-part series talks about how the “real you” is intertwined with the “digital you.” Since these two things are intertwined it is up to an individual person to own their digital presence and not let an outsider control it!

How to See What the Internet Knows About You (And How to Stop It), Tim Herrera (July 3, 2017)
This article describes how as time has gone on products and services are becoming more personalized which results in them getting “deeper and creepier than ever.” Herrera than states that this is resulting in people turning into digital products. After reading Herrera’s article it led me to two additional articles that I would like to share with you all. The first is Protecting Your Digital Life in 9 Easy Steps and the second is about The Best Browser Extensions.

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  1. I also looked at the Seth Godin post, and I thought it was really interesting that his solution was to mass produce positive content about yourself to trick Google into portraying you positively. Maybe that’s the only option, but I find it fascinating that such measures have to be taken to really gain control of your own image.

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