Reviews on Digital History Projects

For a digital history project that started in 2005, Hurricane Digital Memory Bank still has working links and is very easy to navigate. I really like how the website was laid out. I especially enjoyed their “Add to Memory Bank” feature, though I wish that they had not ended the contribution phase. This could be an interesting thing to include on our James Farmer website.

The September 11 Digital Archive is another really interesting website. Its design is simplistic and the links to the different sections are very clear. I like how on the homepage it specifically states the website’s mission, which is to “collect, preserve, and present the history of September 11, 2001, and its aftermath.” Two additional things that I liked about this website are the Collections and FAQ pages. These are really useful in displaying information and providing links to different sources.

The Famous Trials website fulfilled its purpose, but the design was overwhelming with a lot of things cluttering the homepage. If these were categorized into different sections, the homepage would not have been as overwhelming. However, this homepage may be the way it is because the website was originally designed in 1995. This website is similar to the older James Farmer websites, which is why my group would like to update them so that they are still accessible and easy to navigate. 

A fourth digital history project that I looked at was, Lost and Found a section of The Center for the Humanities. In my opinion, this section of the website was confusing. I was not really sure what the website was trying to accomplish. Something I liked about this website was the vertical menu bar instead of the traditional horizontal one.

The final digital history project that I reviewed was the Hull House website. I really liked the layout of this website because it felt like a museum exhibit. Unfortunately, a lot of the features on this website were disabled. I believe this was most likely because of how the website itself aged.

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