Farmer Group Update

In my opinion, in the last three weeks the James Farmer group has made some serious progress on our project considering the obstacles that we have faced. As I have mentioned before my role in our project is to collect materials related to Dr. Farmer in the classroom and the other sources found on the digital collection. As of right, I have several items uploaded, but still, need to do the metadata for them. A concern that I had last week was trying to figure out how to fill the different metadata fields. While my group met Angie before school closed, I still wanted to consult with her. By consulting with Angie this week I was able to ensure that the different fields would be filled out properly.

On Monday, I had a zoom call with Angie where we discussed how our group should proceed when filling out the metadata. Here is an image of how each field should be filled out in Dublin Core on Omeka.

In addition, one of the group’s concerns was trying to figure out how we were going to tag our materials. From talking with Angie, we determined that we should have a google document with our tags. Angie said that this was the best thing to do to prevent our tag from looking like the image below because then a tag page becomes completely useless.

Hopefully, by next week I will have all of my resources updated with the appropriate metadata in order to start the process of creating an exhibit based on our materials! When our project is complete I foresee it looking like HISP 303: Archives and Society Website!

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