Beginning of the Week Progress Report

Alright, I was able to deliver on what I said in my previous blog post! I believe that I have finished uploading all the materials and metadata that I was “tasked” with doing. I worked really hard on it today to complete the metadata that I needed today. The only other thing that I would like to add is Professor Devlin’s Introduction to Public History class’s takeaway cards. At this time I have reached out to her and I am waiting for a reply. Below is my takeaway card that I created for her class that I hope to be able to upload with her permission. 

Hopefully, by Thursday we have everything uploaded so that we can start to develop our “exhibit” tab. With about two weeks left in the semester, I am confident that we will be done with our project sometime next week. I believe that the next part of this week involves our meeting with Dr. McClurken on Thursday and talking about what exactly we are doing for our exhibit.

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