A New and Different Direction: Week One of ADH on Online

The outbreak of the Coronavirus in the United States has resulted in many changes for many different people. One of the major changes for the faculty and students at the University of Mary Washington is that in-person classes have been canceled for the rest of the semester. For most of my classes, this was an easy change, however, the class that I was most nervous about was this one Adventures in Digital History. My nervousness for this course stemmed from the fact that my part for the project relied on collecting and digitizing awards on campus. Before the University announced that it was going to close I had started the scanning process. Even though I had started this process I was nowhere near complete because UMW has a lot, Dr. James Farmers awards and achievements. With that being said I had to go back to the drawing board and think of alternative ways that I could contribute to the James Farmer project.

Since I am in Professor Devlin’s Introduction to Public History Course I had some of Dr. Farmer’s Classroom materials digitized. The materials that I had saved included a copy of one of Dr. Farmer’s syllabus and class bibliography, an exam, an exam answer key, and classroom rules that Dr. Blakemore created when he was Department Chair. Based on the materials that I had previously gathered I determined that my new direction was going to focus on “Dr. Farmer in the Classroom.”

In addition, to the materials that I already mentioned, I plan on using the photographs on Special Collection’s Digital Collections to make an online “scrapbook.” In addition, to the photographs, I will use his digitized lectures that are also in the digital collection to make some sort of playlist or timeline of the lectures. Another thing that I am going to do is use Eagle Explorer to find other Dr. James Farmer related materials. Hopefully, I will find Bullet newspaper articles on him and other Mary Washington related materials.

Even though the Coronavirus has currently changed my life and other people’s lives it has led me in a new and different direction.

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